Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Review

By Priya

Hello Everyone,
Today I am reviewing another product from the brand Forest Essentials. I have got a few products from this brand and I am completely loving it all! I recently picked up a shampoo and it’s called Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Mashobra Honey & Vanilla.

Product Description:
“These gently cleansing shampoos with Amla juice, Ritha, Soya protein, Coconut Oil and herbal infusions give natural shine, swing and fragrance.

Nourishing • Shine Enhancing

This clear shampoo contains Amla Juice, Reetha , Soya Protein, Coconut Oil, Herbal Infusions and Organic Honey and Vanilla Essential Oil gives natural shine, swing and fragrance.”

Rs. 680 for 200ml
Rs. 195 for 50ml
My Views:
Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Mashobra Honey & Vanilla comes in their classic packaging of transparent plastic bottle with golden cap and it is very convenient to carry around and it is spill proof too. I had chemically treated my hair a year back and since then my hair had become thin and fragile. I had also been facing the problem of hair fall since quite some time now and so I am in experimenting mood currently with chemical-free hair cleansers & conditioners. Forest Essentials was my natural choice as a brand for ayurvedic products. This hair cleanser contains an impressive list of ingredients – amla, reetha, soya protein, shikhai, honey, vanilla, oils etc. –  which are very useful in maintaining the lustrous hair.

Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Mashobra Honey & Vanilla is a honey colored – free flowing consistency shampoo which does not lather up much since it does not contain SLS. I have used TBS Rainforest Shampoo prior to this which is also SLS free but this one definitely lathers more than the TBS one. If your hair is oiled prior to washing then you might need to wash your hair2-3 times to get rid of oil and you might end up using the cleanser faster than the normal ones available in the market. So, in this sense this shampoo will prove to be a costly affair.
The fragrance of the hair cleanser is mostly vanilla to me and it is simply awesome. It fills the room with its pleasant scent and it lingers on for few hours before it slowly starts to fade away. It is definitely a must try out if you love vanilla fragrance. The cleanser effectively cleanses the hair and scalp, making the hair soft to touch. I have more frizzy hair towards my forehead and it does not completely make my hair frizz free but the overall texture of my hair has improved since I have started using this shampoo. Initially, you might not like this shampoo since it does not foam much and with continuous usage it definitely strengthens the hair which are prone to damage with all chemical treatment.


  1. Impressive list of natural ingredients
  2. Paraben free & SLS free
  3. Cleanses the scalp & hair well
  4. Makes the overall appearance of hair – soft & silky with regular usage
  5. Amazing vanilla & honey fragrance
  6. Comes in regular & travel size variants


  1. Expensive – provided more quantity is required compared to regular shampoos
  2. Does not make hair frizz free on its own requires conditioner too

Final Verdict:
Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Mashobra Honey & Vanilla is definitely a must investment for gals who are troubled with their chemically treated hair. It is must have if you want to long, shiny & lustrous hair throughout!
Rating:  4.5/5

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