Forest Essentials Bitter Orange and Cinnamon Hair Cleanser Review

I am currently drawn towards Ayurvedic products these days and whatever I buy, I make sure they are made of natural ingredients. We have very few brands in India, that claim to be completely Ayurvedic and free from chemicals. Two favorite Ayurvedic brands of mine are Forest Essentials and Kama Ayurveda. Ayurvedic products are generally more expensive ( for some strange reason ) than the ones that contain sulphates/phosphates and what not. I have been using this hair cleanser regularly and here is my opinion.

Forest Essentials Bitter Orange and Cinnamon Hair Cleanser Review

This nutrient rich shampoo for normal to dry hair contains Amla juice , Reetha , Soya Protein ,Coconut Oil , Herbal infusions and Sandalwood & Vetiver Essential oils. Gives natural shine, swing and fragrance.
Price: Rs.680 for 200ml

Forest Essentials Bitter Orange and Cinnamon Hair Cleanser Review

Description: These gently cleansing shampoos with Amla Juice, Ritha, Soya protein, Coconut Oil and herbal infusions give natural shine, swing and fragrance. Our shampoos, based on Ayurvedic formulae, are free from harsh sulphate cleansers. Coconut oil helps keep hair healthy, promotes hair growth and enhances shine. Reetha contains Saponin, used in preparation of quality Ayurvedic shampoos. It gives a natural color and silky feel to the hair, removes excess oil and promotes hair growth. Soya Protein promotes moisture retention and has mild cleansing properties. Bhringraj is excellent for hair growth,  strengthens the hair and nourishes and prevents dandruff. Shikakai fruit is popularly referred as “fruit for the hair” as it has a naturally mild pH that gently cleans the hair without stripping it of natural oils and encourages strong hair roots. Heena provides conditioning, natural shine as well as strength to the roots of hair. Bitter Orange essential oil is very valuable to relieve stress while Cinnamon has scalp toning properties. Combinations of gentle plant-derived cleansing agents, adjusted to the hair’s natural PH, contain Phytokeratin with rehydrating and strengthening properties.

Product Benefits:Forest Essentials Hair Cleansers are specifically designed to cleanse your hair without any harmful after effects. Bhringraaj, Reetha and Henna are well known in Ayurveda for hair. Actives from herbs like henna and thyme along with Lecithin provide natural cleansing with moisture and smoothness to make your hair clean with shine and manageability.Natural soap of Reetha gently cleanses the dirt and excess oil from hair. Ingredients like Bay leaf oil and Bhringaraj act as hair tonics to promote hair growth.

The hair cleanser has a pleasant citrus fragrance that lingers in the bath room for many days. It is such a luxurious feeling you get when you use Forest Essentials products. The shampoo does not lather well, since it does not contain SLS. However, it has Reetha, which has lathering properties so it will definitely clean your scalp effectively.

It has reduced scalp itchiness and dandruff effectively. I would say it has helped to a great extent. SLS based shampoos caused hair fall but this one has considerably reduced my hairfall. I am no more into SLS based shampoos hereafter. If you have oiled your hair, this would not help in washing off the oil completely. I need two washes to remove the oil. I have thick hair so this bottle lasts me only one and a half months. I wash my hair twice a week.

Rating: 4.75/5
Final Words: This is a mild cleanser but effectively cleans the scalp, helps reduce dandruff and hair fall which is caused due to scalp issues. If you are into Ayurvedic products like me, you may give it a try. Expensive for a shampoo that lasts only 1-2 months but hairfall reduction is one main thing I noticed and that got me hooked to this.

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