Food for your Hair

Food for your Hair

By Rmyah

We have looked at what kind of food is good for your skin. Now let us dive headlong into the head. I mean the hair. Just like your skin, your hair too needs the right kind of food for it to reward you with happiness ( If your hair is healthy won’t you be happy?? ). 

Many of us suffer from five major problems: dandruff, dry hair, frizzy hair,  rough hair and limp hair. ( I didn’t include your hair?? Doesn’t matter. Your hair probably falls into one of these categories ). I myself suffer from four of these five. ( Now which four…keep guessing 😛 ).  For your information, I have curly hair and I hate every minute of it ( that doesn’t mean I’m concentrating on tips for curly hair keep that in mind ) So I’ve tried my level best with all the straightening tools man has ever invented and the end result has been disastrous. This is why I decided to read up on how to salvage my hair.
Turns out food was the answer after all.  Imagine how happy that made me. So I’m going to share with you today the food you need to put in your mouth for your hair to grow healthy ( funny the way the body works isn’t it ).
I’ll again be dividing it into two categories vegetarian ( for people like me) and non-vegetarian (for people who are experimental ).

Nuts: Walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios and any other kind of nut you can think of. Walnuts out of these are the best for your hair. Walnuts are a replacement for fish in a vegetarian diet. Walnuts contain the essential omega 3 fatty acids ( which were explained in the skin section too ). The omega 3 fatty acids form a protection around the cell membrane. They prevent the cells from damage ( that is they work on the DNA level. How cool is that. ). Walnuts also contain biotin and Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a natural sunscreen and since we can’t apply sunscreen to our hair, the best way is to provide them with an internal sunscreen.

Biotin is the reason you lose hair. Okay before you misunderstand, too less biotin can cause hair fall. So the more biotin you have in your hair, the lesser are its chances to fall.
If you cannot eat walnuts the way they are ( they have a kind of bittery taste ) then use walnut oil in your cooking.

Sweet Potatoes: Yes sweet potatoes, though fattening, are extremely good for your hair. Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene ( yes, the very same beta carotene like present in carrots ). You can substitute carrots for this too. Beta carotene converts into Vitamin A in our body. Vitamin A produces the required oils on our scalp and keeps the hair moisturised.

Dandruff you say. Low Vitamin A levels in your body can cause the super irritating dandruff. So the best way to start getting rid of those unwanted itches, increase Vitamin A in your body.
Spinach: If you observe, I’m skipping the green leafy vegetables part. Spinach does the job for us or Palak as we Indians fondly call it. Spinach is a power packed little leaf which delivers iron, beta carotene, folate and Vitamin C, all in one shot. Together, these nifty little nutrients work on the hair roots ( also called follicles ) and strengthen the hair from within.    The nutrients in spinach also keep the scalp oil stores replenished and circulates the oil through the hair shaft.
Remember Popeye the sailor man, one can of spinach and he was ready to fight the world. We too can salvage our hair with the mighty almighty spinach.

Lentils: Lentils, or dals as they are known here, are so tiny that  you’ll miss them in a blink of the eye. But these tiny legumes pack a mighty punch. These lentils form the basic protein diet for the hair, especially for vegetarians who cannot get their protein from meat. These lentils contain protein, iron, zinc and biotin. A little known fact about zinc is that if we don’t have sufficient zinc in our body, our hair will fall out. Even our eyelash hair will fall out with the lack of zinc. So it’s extremely important to maintain the levels of zinc in our body.

Beef: Beef is a red meat. Red meats are rich in iron. Iron deficiency leads to weakening of hair roots and ultimately hair fall.  Lack of iron also causes dryness, roughness and thinning of hair. To get back the strength in your hair, you should always make sure you eat an iron rich diet.

Fish: Fish are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids for non-vegetarians. As explained, the omega 3 fatty acids prevent cell damage and keep your mane healthy and damage free. Treat yourself to fish every once in a while to stock up on the omega 3 fats to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Poultry items: Eggs and chicken are very useful for the hair. Eggs are a fantastic source of protein . Also in eggs are four major minerals, zinc ( for anti-hair fall ), selenium which is the mineral that converts proteins into amino acids which are then absorbed by the body, sulphur which promotes hair regrowth and iron which supplies blood to the hair root and prevents hair fall. Chicken contains an extraordinary amount of protein as well as zinc, iron and vitamin B.

Oysters: These tiny sea creatures have so much zinc that can probably fulfil all the zinc needs of your body. So much zinc is stored in these little things that having just 100 grams of them gives you 493% of what your body needs. Wow some power these busters pack huh. Oysters boost our protein levels too. Our hair is about 97% protein. You do the math.

Hair loss also depends upon the amount of stress we take. A calm mind keeps all problems at bay.
So stop worrying and start eating.
Stay tuned for the next part in the series. Food for your Nails.

Who is Preetha

Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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