Faces Ultimate Pro Shocking Volume Mascara Review

By Priya

Hello Everyone,
I love my Mascara, there can be days when I can step out without eyeliners but never without mascaras. I somehow feel my lashes look flat if I do not use mascara. Today, I will be reviewing Faces Ultimate Pro Shocking Volume Mascara.

 Product Description:
Outrageous volume for an incredible you! Curved spiral wand ensures super dramatic volume. Infused fibers give a deep black finish. Nourishing ingredients volumize and strengthen lashes. Absolutely water resistant, lasts all day.

Price: Rs. 799

My Views:
Faces Ultimate Pro Shocking Volume Mascara comes in an elegant slim cylindrical bottle with a relatively long wand. The mascara wand is curved shape and has its small bristles cluttered very closely to give that voluminous look. I love the concept of curved wand, as it helps to curl your eyelashes without using a curler. I am not so good in using eyelash curler and most of time end up getting my eyes watery and this curvaceous wand works perfectly for me. 

Faces Ultimate Pro Shocking Volume Mascara has a light weight formula and it does not clump or clutter at all. It coats each eye lash evenly and quickly. The formula dries in no time and it does not make eyelashes hard to touch. Eyelashes remain almost like in its natural state – soft & feathery. As far as shocking volume claim goes, I am not super impressed. It definitely adds volume to the lashes but it isn’t too shocking for me. It does not give an impression of wearing falsies. Apart from volume, it really elongates my lashes well by providing it length.

I despise using waterproof mascaras as they tend to break delicate lashes while removing. Faces Ultimate Pro Shocking Volume Mascara claims to be water resistant, and after testing in Mumbai’s humid climate for hours, it did not melt down. So, full marks on the water resistant claim. Overall good mascara but the biggest turn off is the price tag. After spending, Rs. 800 one would & should expect exceptional results, well atleast I do. Faces Ultimate Pro Shocking Volume Mascara is great but not excellent.

1.      Water resistant
2.      Light weight formula
3.      Does not clump the eyelashes
4.      Curvy wand gives curled effect to lashes
5.      Adds volume & length to lashes
6.      Sleek packaging
1.      It comes with a heavy price tag
2.      Not as voluminous as claimed

Final Verdict:
If the price can be over looked, then it is a great mascara for summers. It survives humid conditions along with giving volume (though not as desired) and longevity to lashes. 

Rating:  3.5/5

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