Faces Cosmetics Eye Shadow Brush – Fluff – #106 Review

Article by Nids
Today I am reviewing my first precise Blending Brush. I saw Jyo reviewing it on her blog and the same week I visited the Faces outlet to get it but they didn’t have any idea about this brush at all. So on my request, Jyo sent this to me from Mumbai and I have been using this since then for all my EOTDs.

Product Description: Composed of flying squirrel hair these brushes are very soft for an ultra blended look. It can be fitted into all corners of the eye for desired blending.

Price: 249 INR

My views on the Faces Cosmetics e/s blending brush:

It is made from natural squirrel hair as the website says and it has some softest bristles which pick up eye shadows easier and apply it more evenly.

The brush has a long, slender and stable black wooden handle that provides a firm grip and provides ease for blending purpose. It does a great job in blending of eye shadows.
I always wipe the brush with a baby wipe after use and wash it once or twice a month depending on the use. It had never shred any bristles or altered its shape after wash. So it’s quite durable and would surely last for long.

The only issue I feel is the length of the bristles. I think it’s a little big and so sometimes I end up getting the shadows even out of the eye area :/. I do think I need more time in getting used to it but if you have smaller eyes, then you need to be extra careful in blending your eye shadows.

Pros of the Faces Blending brush #106:
·        Cheap
·        Effective and does a fabulous job in blending.
·        Do not shed bristles.
·        Did not get distort even after wash.
·        Picks up eyeshadows easily and applies evenly.
Cons of the Faces Blending Brush #106:
·        Availability is a major issue.
·        I think due to the larger sized bristles, one need to be extra careful while blending in the e/s as it may get outside the desired area especially if you have smaller eyes.
Ratings: 4/5
Final Verdict: If you need your first soft, cheap, durable and effective e/s blending brush, then this brush surely would be a nice choice.

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