Faces Canada Ultimate Pro Shine On Eyeliner Moonlit Review

By Priya

Product Description:  
Extraordinary colour to make you shine! Gives a long lasting and intense shiny finish. Comes with a felt tip for precise application. Exquisitely lush and quick drying. Totally water and smudge proof. 

Price: Rs. 699

My Views: Faces Ultimate Pro Shine On Eyeliner in Moonlit is perky bright blue color which is loaded with shimmer. True to its name, it is very shimmery and shiny is perfect for gloomy rainy days. The texture is amazing, not very runny and not too thick either. It’s consistency is just right that it does not leave behind any weird gaps. A single swipe on the lids is all it takes to get that opaque, shiny finish. 

The felt tip liner makes the application super easy and it is perfect if you are just starting with applying eyeliner. Unlike regular brushes, it does not fray and gives controlled application like a pro. It dries in no time and sets to smudge proof finish. I have tested it under water and it has no effects on it at all. Even if you rub it slightly it won’t budge from its place but if rubbed very rigorously it will smudge. Overall, I find it perfect for rainy days and I reach for it often because its completely waterproof. 

Though everything works in the favour of Faces Ultimate Pro Shine On Eyeliner, the pricing is the biggest disappointment of this range. A little competitive pricing would have definitely helped this range stand out in the market. 

Final Verdict: Faces Ultimate Pro Shine On Eyeliner in Moonlit seems like a perfect color for gloomy days, it adds perk to the eyes and looks stunning. It is waterproof, so it stays on and on forever but its price is big let down!
Rating:  4/5 (Because of its price)

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