Faces Canada Matte Nail Paint Phoebe Blue Matte Review

How many of us really like Phoebe Buffay of Friends? Well, to be honest, my favorite character was Phoebe. She was so cute, funny and innocent. Oh how I miss Friends now.:( Nostalgic! Planning to get that whole set of Friends DVD but it costs a bomb.:(
So you all must be wondering how Friends came into this topic all of a sudden. The Nail Paint am reviewing today is named after her. Tada! It’s the Phoebe Blue Matte Nail Paint from the newly launched Matte collection from Faces.

I have never tried a sky blue nail paint in my life. It was during one of those random mall hopping that I picked this beauty up. I am so crazy that I have to try out the product ASAP after purchasing it. I am so glad Faces came up with this as not many brands have completely matte nail enamels.

Price: Rs.230. I know its expensive as I loved Faces for the price range and good quality.:(
My Experience:
The nail paint is of the right consistency and with 2 coats, I got that perfect opaque matte nails. The finish is very neat and you would not go wrong in application as the brush is also very good. It is not runny so less chances of messing up. It dries quickly and stays put for 5 days without a top coat. A top coat would make it glossy hence I avoid it.

The quality of the nail paint is very good and it looks very neat and classy. I might pick up a few more shades once am out of my ban.

It would suit girls with fair skin better. I have a medium skin tone yet, am able to enjoy it so it depends on your likes.

This would be my go to shade during the summers. It certainly looks fresh and funky too. College girls would definitely love it.

Rating: 4.5/5.
Final Words: Pick it up if you like matte finish nail paints. I plan to get a black matte one soon.

Have you used matte nail paints? Any brands you would suggest?

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