Eye Care: Cosmetic Safety For Your Eyes

Eye Care: Cosmetic Safety For Your Eyes

Guest Post By Aydan

The cosmetic industry owning many million dollars every year is the most profitable enterprise till date.  The entire counter of cosmetic products is tested by the experts appointed by the industry.
No one is skeptical about the fact that millions of people are using cosmetics and have considered them safe by all means. Then what is it that makes you think that you should be careful in choosing and using these products.
No doubt that mascara and eye liner enhances your appearance but these products can easily damage your vision, sometimes permanently. Applying cosmetics occasionally is not that harmful but if putting eye makeup is a part of daily ritual then serious damage can occur. But there is a catch! That if you remove this makeup as diligently as you applied it, can save you pretty well.

Let’s learn some safety measures which can keep your eyes clean and safe:
  •  Make a habit of washing your hands before you jump into your makeup bag, because germs from hands travel to the eyes in no time.
  •  Never try and put eye makeup when you are in hurry because it can easily enter the cornea of the eye, thus damaging it. Cosmetics are better on the outer body.
  • Never use any of the eye makeup products if you are suffering from eye infection. And if your product is irritating you then stop using it right away.
  • Always make sure that the products as well as the accessories are clean before you use them.
Be careful in using eye cosmetics. Let’s see how…
  • Don’t hold on to old products just because they are expensive. Throw them on the mentioned expiry date. Its better that you replace your products after every three months rather than using the dried out products with the help of your saliva.
  • Place the products in a cool place at a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid keeping them in bathrooms, as generally people dot it.
  • Never mix the product because your eyes are already sensitive and you never know what reaction might occur.
  •  Don’t share your eye products with any second person; it is the easiest way for the bacteria to transfer.
Remove the eye makeup diligently!

There is always an instruction page given with the eye product. Follow that and remove the makeup as per the instruction. It is essential to remove eye makeup before you go to bed; it will allow the eyes to breathe. Always be diligent and gentle while removing the cosmetics because the skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive.
 If at all your eyes still catches an eye infection then you should immediately go for eye care products like Revitol eye cream, to heal you eye in a better way. Eye cosmetics are generally safe products, as long as you use them safely and properly.
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