Dove Elixir Rose and Almond Oil for Hair fall Rescue Review

By Poorna

As my hair grows out, I suffer from hair fall. It is a vicious cycle which happens because of my baby fine hair. I have been advised to cut my hair every few weeks or so, and also wash my hair every three days, but I have noted that NOTHING really helps. However, recently I saw the new adverts for Dove Elixir Oil, and was super-tempted. The temptation got better in the end, and I bought it.
And no, I do not regret it at all.

What Dove Has To Say: The sacred flora of Greek Goddess Aphrodite or the object of the great philosopher, Confucius’ renowned study – the rose; and it now lends itself beautifully to Dove Elixir. Rose with Almond Oil known to be available in far Southern parts of Asia, make for the virtuous concoction – Hair Fall Rescue by Dove Elixir. The golden drops of elixir breathe life into fragile hair that fall easily, to nourish and protect hair from damage. The potion of Dove Elixir – Hair Fall Rescue to reduce hair fall dramatically. To give you the goodness of overnight oiling in 30 minutes.

Price: 185/-
Quantity: 90 ml.
My Take:
Okay, so I was expecting a nice looking bottle, with light and yellow-colored oil inside. I was so WRONG! This lovely glass bottle contains a good quantity of dried rose petals inside, which is by itself stunning to look at, and I love the packaging a lot. Since I am not rich enough to buy me a Kerastese elixir, which is heavily priced, Dove will have to do and I am very pleased that the product is quite modestly priced.
The basic idea is to oil your hair and then wait half an hour before taking a bath. I generally use this over my hair, brush it out once before switching on my geyser (which takes about 15 minutes to heat up fully). Then I use a good shampoo to wash it off, follow it up with my regular conditioner, and then air-dry my hair.

I love this oil. It is not heavy, so I do not need to really put in much. After starting to use this, I have noted that my hair fall has actually gone down. Previously, it was about 20-25 hair after every combing. It has gone down to about 10-12. That is about half, and I have been using this only 20 days.
I love the fragrance of this oil, which, unfortunately is not of rose, but something that has roses in it, but also a bit of something else. It is quite refreshing and girly.
I have also used this as a shine serum on semi-dry hair, and that helps my hair stay detangled. I have also used this as part of a hair mask, and there has been no complaint till now.
The lightweight nature of this oil really helps me use it in various applications and my hair has been less frizzy and happier in the recent past. I will give this product my two thumbs up for being so useful.

Available both online and in major stores
Gorgeous packaging
Lovely smell
Lightweight oil
Reduces hair fall
Can be used as a shine booster and de-tangling serum
Reasonably priced
Not too travel-friendly

Ratings: 4.75/5
I am definitely repurchasing this. And also buying the lavender one. Too good to resist.

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