How To Deal With Under Eye Dark Circles & Best Eye Creams Available in India

How To Deal With Under Eye Dark Circles & Best Eye Creams Available in India


How To Deal With Under Eye Dark Circles & Best Eye Creams Available in India
How To Deal With Under Eye Dark Circles & Best Eye Creams Available in India

Under eye dark circles, a common problem which troubles most women irrespective of their age, skintype etc. I think there might be rarely any woman on this earth who does not have a even a trace of darkness under the eyes. Concealers can be your best friend to combat the dark circles but it is important to target the problem from its roots. It might not get rid of dark circles completely but it can atleast reduce it to great extent. But before we look at the remedies to deal with dark circles, let just see what really causes it.

  1. Genetics: If your mom has dark circles, then most probably you have it or you may face the issue in near future.
  2. Stress: Both mental & physical stress, takes toll on your health which often comes across on your skin in the form of dark circles, making you look dull, tired & fatigued.
  3. Medication: It is very likely that consumption of some medicines for whatever reasons can cause skin discoloration under eyes. These are often termed as side effects of medication.
  4. Unhealthy Diet: What you eat is what you are. This is often reflected on your skin in terms of dark circles.
  5. Lack of Sleep: Long hours of working in front of computer, and avoiding your 8 hours beauty sleep can lead to dark circles.
How To Deal With Under Eye Dark Circles & Best Eye Creams Available in India
How To Deal With Under Eye Dark Circles & Best Eye Creams Available in India

Now let’s look at some home remedies which can help you tackle the dark circles:

  1. Start with having ample of water throughout the day. Dehydration is most visible through your dark circles. Keeping your body well-hydrated will not only reflect a healthy looking under eyes area but it has million other benefits as well. So, pick up that glass of water right now.
  2. Potatoes, Cucumber, Lemon Juice have certain bleaching properties that help in reducing the dark circles. It is also a natural stress buster, so alternate between these vegetables & place a slice on your eyes everyday for just 10-15 minutes. You will be able to see the results soon.
  3. Sleep-well like a baby, leaving your problems behind. When you do so, you will wake up with a fresh-looking skin.
  4. Be gentle with your under eyes area while applying or removing your makeup. Avoid pulling or tugging of area under the skin which is highly sensitive.
  5. Healthy eating & exercising helps in better blood circulation which will in turn combat you’re under eye circles problem.
  6. Use Almond Oil or any oil which contains Vitamin E to fight the problem of dark circles. Apply it gently with your ring finger under the eyes & leave it overnight, rinse off with a cleanser in the morning. This trick works as a charm.

Apart from these remedies, you can also try & include a good under eye cream or a gel in your daily skin care routine to deal with dark circles. My recommendations are below and these are quite effective.

  1. Clinique All About Eyes: It has a very light gel texture that gets absorbed easily. I take very very little amount and just pat under my eyes and also on the lids both in the morning and at night. It gives a cool and fresh feeling to the eyes. The next morning, the eyes look more fresh and bright. It does a fantastic job in moisturizing the under eye area and keeping it soft and nourished. It prevents and reduces under eye wrinkles and keeps the area healthy looking. Priced at about Rs. 2200. You can read the full review here.
  2. Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Hydra Eye Gel: If you are all about using natural ingredients, then give this product a try.  It has rice extracts to lighten dark circles and fortify the delicate under-eye skin and a unique combination of highly developed botanical extracts. It instantly smoothens and relaxes the skin around the eyes and it gives lighter & cooler feel too. Priced at Rs. 775. You can read the full review here.
  3. Aroma Magic Almond Under Eye Cream: A great option if you are on a budget. It contains Vitamins A & C gives excellent tone nourishment, suppleness, minimize wrinkles & rings around the eyes. Priced at Rs. 135, this product actually works! You can read the full review here.

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 PS: Update skincare routine coming up soon.

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