Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask Review

I am not a big fan of artificial skin lightening/brightening products but since Cosmedic is a trusted brand that is even safe for kids, I did not mind testing. I have been using this face mask for almost a month and here I am with my review.

Cosmedic Lumifast BrighteningMInute Mask Review

Price: Rs. 850
It claims to brighten the skin in 5- 10 minutes which was shocking initially since only a bleach cream can do that. The mask has a soft creamy texture, feels and looks exactly like bleach. It does not have any strong fragrance.

Cosmedic Lumifast BrighteningMInute Mask Review

Packaging: Cosmedic products come in light green packaging. This mask comes in a small tub, easy to travel with.

Cosmedic Lumifast BrighteningMInute Mask Review

It does brighten the skin and the effect is seen very obviously. Infact, it looks as if I had bleached my skin. It does not lighten the facial hair like a bleach but the skin looks cleaner and brighter.

Cosmedic Lumifast BrighteningMInute Mask Review

1. No strong chemicals
2. Fragrance free
3. Brightens the skin instantly so apt for occassions
4. Safe for sensitive skin

1. Expensive
2. Does not dry

Rating: 4/5
Final Words: It is a good face mask, a break from the regular ones available in the market. It is safe for sensitive skin as well. The price is disappointing.

P.S: Product is a PR sample, honest review.

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