Colorbar Eye Smudger Brush Review

By Nids

Brush Traits: Ideal for Intense smokey Eye Looks, Curvy Shape Allows Precise Control, With Rich Color on Both Upper and Lower Lash Lines

Brush Bristle Material: Synthetic Fibers
Price: 250 INR
My Take on the newly launched Colorbar smudger brush:
Out of all the colourful brushes launched by Colorbar recently, this is the one that caught my fancy as I did not have a smudge brush in my kit.
A smudge brush is used to soften and smudge eyeliner to create a gorgeous smoky eye look. To use it, smudge shadow/liner by using small, controlled strokes pressing the tip against the lash line.
Now coming to this smudger brush, it is a cute orange colored short and dense domed shaped brush. The synthetic bristles firmly rest in the black and white plastic handle. It comes safely packed in a transparent zip lock pouch and it’s safe to carry these around in them. All in all the make and packaging looks nice.

This brush can be used for:
  1. Smudger can be used to apply a thicker eye line with mineral/powder eye shadow.
  2. Works very well as a dense color depositor to create a smoky eye.
  3. It easily defines the eye shape and smudging the kohl on the waterline.
  4. This brush is great for concentrating a dark color in the corner of the eyelid and blending into the crease.
I basically use this brush to define my eye shape. It defines the crease nicely and the outer lid too. It does the job of smudging the kohl/liner pencils evenly both on the upper lid and on the waterline. I used this brush and immediately saw a difference. My eye makeup application looked more professional.
This brush is just the right shape for placing medium-dark shadow in the crease sockets. Deposits the colour right where you need it, is perfect for under eye or crease work.
It hasn’t shed a single strand till now. I have wiped it clean twice using a wet makeup remover wipe (rather roughly) and washed it once using a mild shampoo but neither did it shed nor it become distort.
Defines the crease and outer lid nicely.
Smudges the shadow/liner effectively.
Looks cute
Firm, dense yet soft bristles.
Does not shed
Cheap than rest of its counterparts.
I didn’t find many cons with this one. It does what it intends to do nicely but still it may not be a must-have brush for some.
Ratings: 4.5/5
Final Verdict: If you are looking for something to smudge your kohl/liner on a daily basis without investing much than this brush is surly a great choice. Other than that if you are not that much into eye makeup, then this brush can surely be skipped. Don’t expect this to blend in or pack the Jcolors on to the lid.
Hope you like the review. Waiting for your response.

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