Clinique Clarifying Lotion Type 3 Review

A Toner is one product that I cannot do without in the summers. I do have small open pores on the sides of my nose. I have combination skin that turns oily during summer. My first toner was the TBS Tea Tree Toner which worked fine but then stopped reacting after few months.

Clinique is one of my favorite brands when it comes to skincare as they make products according to every skin type. My skin type in Clinique is 3 ( Combination-Oily). I have been using this toner for the last 2 years ( repurchased the full size twice) and am on my third bottle now. This is my absolute favorite and HG product.

Price: Rs. 1400 for 200ml.
Packaging:  It comes in a tall transparent plastic bottle. The only issue is the big mouth. You need to be really careful and practice so that you take the right amount else its all gone on the floor.

How I use It: I take 4-5 drops on a cotton pad and swipe all over my face, concentrating more on the oily areas. If you have dry areas, be careful as it does cause peeling of dry skin.

How It Works: It really works. My skin is much much clearer and cleaner. It has reduced the pores and I get less acne these days. There is one for every skin type so get a small sample bottle first and use it for a week. I never feel shy asking for samples at Clinique as its definitely not economical for everyone.


The fragrance is strong but once you get used to it, shouldn’t be an issue. It seems it does contain a lot of chemicals and I don’t really know how good it is to load your skin with so many chemicals. I am more into Ayurvedic and gentle products these days but I guess this is one product that I will continue to include in my skincare routine. One bottle of 200ml lasts me 6-7 months easily when used twice daily ( Morning and Night).

1. Heals and prevents acne
2. Keeps skin oil free and shine free
3. Cleans the skin and gives a glow
4. Reduces open pores
5. No allergies on sensitive skin

1. Strong fragrance
2. Expensive

Rating: For me, it is definitely a must-have product, my HG toner so a 5/5 from my side. Highly impressed!
Final Words: If you have open pores, and nothing seems to work, give Clinique Clarifying Lotion a try. Some of you may find the smell too strong but the effect is quick and consistent so worth every penny.

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