CHANEL Contour Shadow Brush No. 14 Review

CHANEL Contour Shadow Brush No. 14 Review

CHANEL Contour Shadow Brush No. 14 Review

1750/- INR, Available at CHANEL stores across India

This is what brand says –

A perfectly curved brush with natural bristles to precisely trace the eye contours. A soft yet firm brush and a perfectly curved shape to precisely outline the eyes.

Chanel Brush Review
Chanel Brush Review


My experience with CHANEL no 14 brush :

I recently started collecting CHANEL eye shadow brush and the first one to join the army is no 14 brush from their permanent line; do wait for some more brushes down the line. I am eying their behind brush which is not easily available here in India, it looks so perfect from every angle.

CHANEL brushes are quite famous, be it a face brush, a blush brush, foundation or eye shadow. I had used their foundation brush in past and am a happy consumer. Recently I gave a thought to build my collection with their eye shadow brushes and that is how I landed up buying no 14 brush Contour brush.

Chanel Brush Review
Chanel Brush Review

The brush is very light weight and have long handle which is of good size , the bristles are tightly packed and doesn’t feel loose at any point . The brush has a great size for smudging liner / kohl / eye shadow on lower lash line perfectly. It blends well all the harsh lines in few strokes. The natural bristles are super soft on eyes and make it a breeze to work with.

Chanel Brush Review
Chanel Brush Review

Useful for – The brush is particularly useful for smudging eye shadow on lower lash line; however I applied a soft dry pigment with this on upper lash line and it worked perfectly fine – no fallouts or unevenness . I have attached both the pictures for easy reference.

For applying pigment as eyeliner
For applying pigment as eyeliner


For applying kajal
For applying eyeshadow on lower lash line

How to clean – I clean my brushes with soft shampoo and air dry them so that there are no traces of water around the edges.

Pros  of Chanel Brush No.14

  • The size of the brush is perfect to hold and use.
  • The shape is extremely helpful for smudging eye shadow and it reaches inner corners of the eyes easily.
  • The slanted tip makes it easy to use for thick liner as well.
  • The brush doesn’t feel scratchy.
  • The natural bristles pick the colour easily and place them nicely.

Cons Of Chanel Brush No.14

  • No cons for this brush at all.

Ratings – 5/5

Final Words – This is my first CHANEL eye shadow brush and I’m completely satisfied and highly recommend you to give a shot. Their prices are a plus point if you are buying here in India; they are at par with MAC Brushes and offers good quality as well.

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