How To Build Your Makeup Brushes Collection

How To Build Your Makeup Brushes Collection

Over the years, I have  invested in a lot of makeup brushes which I am kind of proud of.  My current makeup brushes collection was not build overnight & lot of thought, research and of course investment went into it, so I thought that I should share with you girls some tips on how to build your own makeup brushes collection.

Makeup Brushes
Makeup Brushes


  1. List: First of all it is very important to list the brushes which you need & you will use. Avoid brushes which you fantasize about but in reality you will never really use it. For example, some of my friends do have a  Mac 168 which is basically a contour brush but I have never really seen them actually contouring. Mac 168 is an expensive brush, so I think it’s a complete waste of money. On the other hand, I have seen people having tons of eye makeup brushes but they never really use it. So, you need to list down which brushes you actually need & will use.
  2. Research: Now, lot of brands, local & international manufacture these makeup brushes, some are expensive & some are affordable. Most of the times, we prefer investing in high-end brushes like Mac & Inglot which are of excellent quality but they burn a big hole in your pocket. So look for alternatives! Real Techniques & Sigma are great alternative to Mac Brushes which are also great in quality. Compare prices, read reviews & then decide on the brand you want to buy. For example, Mac 187 is a great stippling brush but when you will research online, the most preferred stippling or kabuki brush by most bloggers is the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki brush F80 which costs much less than Mac 187. Or there is another great option – Real Techniques Stippling Brush which is inexpensive plus the quality is good.
  3. Invest in Brush sets: It is always a wise decision to invest in sets, these not only costs much less than individual brushes but also gives you chance to indulge in some high end makeup brushes. For example, when I invested in M.A.C Primped Out Holiday Essential Perfectly Plush Brush Kit it costed me Rs. 4100 for 5 makeup brushes which had all essential brushes one could need – foundation, blush & eye makeup brushes! If you invest in individual Mac brush, a single brush will alone cost you a minimum of Rs. 1700!
  4. Prioritize: It is important to prioritize what kind of brushes you need & by when do you plan to have it in your collection. For example, I wanted to start with a foundation brush but then I needed to decide on whether it will be a flat foundation brush like Inglot 21T or a stippling brush like Mac 187. Visit makeup stores & ask for trials, decide which works better for you & then invest. Also, do not buy all the expensive brushes at one go, as this burdens not only you but also your better half. Instead buy one brush every month and you will probably not even feel the pinch & your husband might not even notice you spend a lot!
  5. Upgrade: If you are new with makeup brushes invest in low or medium end brands & see how it works & then slowly upgrade to high end brushes. For example, I have used Body Shop’s Mineral Foundation Brush for years but I somehow felt the urge to upgrade to a better brush so I then shifted to Inglot 25SS Kabuki Brush.
  6. Buy & Sell among Friends & Family: If you  have some makeup brushes that are simply collecting dust in your dresser or you want to upgrade to a high end version, first sell your old brushes to friends or like minded people & then invest in other brushes. It will help you to bring the cost down; also it won’t make you feel guilty of expensive purchase. For example, when I shifted to Inglot 25SS Kabuki Brush, I sold my Body Shop’s Mineral Foundation Brush to a friend who upgraded from Bourjoius Kabuki Brush. Basically, a win-win situation for all!
  7. Balance between high end & affordable makeup brushes: Strike a balance between high end & affordable brushes. Some affordable brushes work wonderful than their expensive competitors. For example, in case of a simple eye shader brush there are so many good & affordable options like Real Techniques Eyeshadow Brush or Colorbar Eyeshadow brush available in the market that you can skip buying a Mac 239. Similarly, instead of Mac 219 which is a pencil brush, you can buy a good quality Colorbar Smudger Brush.  And instead of Mac 217, you can get Faces Fluff brush #106 or Bharat & Dorris Eye Shadow Blending Brush #63.

  Hope these inputs will help you in building your makeup brush collection.

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Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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  1. Lana Reply

    Super helpful post Preetha, I’m bookmarking this! I was also buying makeup brushes without thinking about whether I will really use them, now I’m going to note down which ones I’ll really need. Thanks alot!

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