The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth Serum Review

The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth Serum Review

Guest Post By Monica

Just like my other buys this serum too has a story. This one was an impulsive buy, no no not by me but my Boyfriend. We had went to The Body Shop  Store to get his regular Vitamin E Night Cream. While exploring the store, the SA approached us with this serum, I know how these SA’s are so I just bluntly refused her that we don’t want this. But my poor bf, this was his first experience and thus he got trapped and bought this. This was way back in August last year.

The Body Shop Serum
The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth Serum Review

What TBS says about it:

Youth-enhancing concentrate for smoother looking skin. Enriched with criste marine plant stem cells.

99% of the ingredients are from natural origin. 20% of the natural ingredient are from organic farming.

Apply 2-3 drops and massage into skin. Allow the concentrate to sink in for few seconds before applying your daily moisturiser. Organic ingredients include buddleja, thyme, mallow flower and community Fair trade babassu oil.

The Body Shop Serum1
The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth Serum Review

Price: Rs.2900 (but we got this at a promotional price of Rs.1500)

Packaging: the serum comes in a green coloured thick glass bottle with a white dropper. The bottle is quite sturdy and would survive a fall.

The Body Shop Serum2
The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth Serum Review

Texture: The serum is a transparent thick liquid which on application feels bit sticky at first but in few seconds absorbs well and gives a tightening effect on the face.

My Experience:

Here I would divide this review seasonwise into 2 parts:

In Summers:

My guy was all very excited to use it and used it on the same night. But on first application itself it gave him 2 new pimples. Oh Boy! He was so disappointed that he passed it over to me. Then I used this in night and the same with me, I got pimples everytime I used it. So it remained unused for quite long.

In Winters:

In December I gave it to my mum to use it so that it does not get wasted atleast. She used it religiously for 2 months but I did not see any significant change in her skin. Then in January this year my skin was looking all dull and dry. I was thinking of buying a serum then I thought why not give this a try so i used this 1 night. It was not moisturizing for my winter skin so I topped it up with my regular night cream. Thankfully this time it did not give me any pimples. I have been using it since then and my feelings towards this have changed full 360 degrees. Ever since I started using this I have been  getting compliments that I am glowing J as I am just 24 so don’t have any major fine lines on face but still I have 2 fine lines under my eyes and now I can see a definite reduction in their depth.  I am so happy with this serum now that I don’t want it to finish as there is no promotional offer now and its available at full price only now.

The Body Shop Serum9
The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth Serum Review

Summing up pros and cons.

Pros of TBS Nutriganics Drops of Youth:

  1. Has light texture.
  2. Absorbs well.
  3. Smoothens the skin.
  4. Reduces the fine lines.
  5. Gives a nice glow to dull lifeless skin.
  6. Moisturizes dry skin.
  7. Prevents further damage to the skin.

Cons of TBS Nutriganics Drops of Youth:

  1. Does not suit oily to combination skin at all.
  2. Shows no results on mature skin.
  3. Very Pricey.

Ratings: 3/5

Overall verdict: I would recommend this serum only to dry skinned girls and to oily skinned girls in winters when skin is on dry side. As for me, I want to repurchase but my pocket doesn’t allow it so now I want to try some other serum. Any Suggestions? I have combination skin and am 24 yrs old.


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