Bharat & Dorris Eye Shadow Blending Brush #63 Review

By Nids

Hi everyone. After a short break, I’m back with the review of an almost perfect brush that does the blending task well. I have been using it in almost all my eye makeup looks and for sure, the e/s blending has become a lot easier and much better after using the Bharat & Dorris brush #63.
Price: 450 INR.
My views on the B&D brush #63:
The blending brush is made up of natural bristles that are soft to touch and feel. The brush has a tall and thick black wooden handle which gives a nice grip to use it. The bristles are firmly held together by the silver metallic part of the brush and it is easy to use the brush while blending without worrying about the breakage of the hair (bristles). 

The first thing that I would prefer in an e/s blending brush is the length and the shape of the bristles. This brush scores in both these spheres as the bristles are of perfect length, neither too long nor too short and also the shape is oval which fits in ideally in the crease area and helps to achieve great results. It does deliver fool-proof precision blending.
I had washed the brush once and it did not shed even a single strand. Also on drying up, it took its original shape without getting distorted. All in all it is a great pick at a reasonable rate.

  • Cheap
  • Soft and firm natural bristles.
  • Do not shed bristles.
  • Perfect length and oval shape of bristles to achieve precision blending.
  • It does not allow the e/s to go out of place and fits in the eye shape easily (unlike Faces e/s blending brush that I reviewed before).

  • Available only at flagship stores.
Ratings: 4.5/5
Final Verdict: This is definitely a great blending brush that harmoniously blends the eye shadows without wiping away the color. It is surely a must have for me in all my eye makeup looks and I totally recommend it to everyone who are looking for a decently priced fantastic e/s blending brush.

Here is a comparitive picture with the Faces Eyeshadow Blending Brush.

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