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By Poorna

So when I first figured my way in and out of website, I realized a few things.

  1. They ship worldwide. For free.
  2. They have an easy, handy-dandy conversion chart so you can totally check out the amount you will be spending in INR rather than dollars or pounds.
  3. They use Paypal.
  4. They have all the amazing international brands, and often enough you get them for a price which is truly unbeatable.

The key is to be modest and refrain from buying too much. I keep it within the 2000 rupee range, which keeps Customs off my back. Plus, the more you buy from them, the more their overall discount gets (I am already in the 10% zone) so yay for me for buying more!
I am smart that way.
However, I could not resist this little jewel that I got on their sale. After all the discounts and things, the lipstick came to me for about 580/-.
Guess how much this lipstick costs in real?
Yes, that’s about 925/-.
I like Strawberrynet.

Company Speak: Your search for the perfect lipstick is over! From naughty nudes to red carpet reds, these rich, seductive full-finish lipsticks give you the coverage and color you’ve been longing for. This creamy formula with medium to full coverage. Leaves lips with a smooth finish. With 20 glamorous shades to choose from, you’ll want them all!
My Take: The lipstick packaging is the first thing to look out for, to tell the truth. I love the detailing, the quirky design, and the very fun things you will be seeing with it. There is a card in the front of the lipstick, on one side of which, you get to see the picture of a beautiful lady, and on the other side, its written: “Men may come and go, but a lipstick is forever”. Possibly that came from a quote by Gigi Anders (as claimed on Google), however, I love the details and the sentiments.

The lipstick itself is a very classy thing indeed, a slim wand of an affair in black with white ribbons in the bottom. The shade name, “No Competition” is written on the bottom as well as the weight (3 gm.) , and that helps it get identified. I love the packaging because it is simply sexy.
The lipstick itself is a lovely shade of plum which would shade virtually all Indian skin, and it suits me very well. I love the very creamy formula, which is really intensely pigmented, but at the same time, quite creamy. However, it really does not bleed, and keeps my lips hydrated for hours.
The lipstick stays on my lips, if I do not eat or drink, for about 5-6 hours, and it fades evenly, leaving a lovely plummy tint in the aftermath. It is, however, transferable, so make it a point to use it wisely and well.
It does contain parabens and is difficult to find in India (apart from Delhi Sephora, I guess… however I am not sure whether it stocks Benefit). But, it is quite easily available at Strawberrynet for a very reasonable price, and I have found that other lipsticks from this range (I also have La-la land) is equally creamy and gorgeous to use. So I would definitely suggest this formula for women with dry lips.

Very hydrating
Really classy packaging
Long lasting
Does not bleed or flake

Verdict: 5/5
I would have to say, I wait for the day when Sephora comes to Kolkata with Benefit. I swear I will buy as much as possible.

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