Beauty Benefits Of Sandalwood

Beauty Benefits Of Sandalwood

Beauty Benefits Of Sandalwood
Beauty Benefits Of Sandalwood

If you ask me what I’ve been upto these days, I would honestly say that am trying out home remedies to take care of my skin. Though am indoors all day, the weather in Chennai is definitely bad compared to Mumbai’s weather and my skin is facing issues again.:(. Anyways, here’s sharing some easy- peasy remedies that I use at home.

Sandalwood is something that my combination – oily skin has loved always. It is also called as Chandan in Hindi and Sandhanam in Tamil.
  1. Mix Sandalwood powder with rose water and apply directly all over the face as a mask and leave for 10 minutes. It dries quickly and removes tan and gives a fresh glow. Those who have oily skin can try this pack twice a week to keep the skin’s oil balance right.
  2. Sandalwood powder mixed with rice powder makes a fantastic facial scrub. It helps remove dead cells and prevents blackheads. It helps acne scars fade slowly and also pigmentation issues.
  3. Sandalwood oil is great for acne prone skin. One drop on the pimple before sleep, you can see it subsides the very next day. The fragrance of original sandalwood oil is strong but the effect is totally worth it.

Pure Sandalwood is available in the form of sticks, stones and powder as well. It is quite expensive these days but you need little for every use so a little goes a long way.

Pure Sandalwood is available at reputed Ayurvedic shops. So how do you use Sandalwood in your skincare routine?

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