Aura Vedic Hydrating Hair Cleanser Review

By Erica

Hello dearies,
How does it feel? When you just pick up a product randomly and it becomes one of the best decisions of your life. Did it happen to you anytime? I am sure it must. I had many such moments in my life, I just follow my gut and go for things. Recently I picked up Aura Vedic Hydrating Hair Cleanser it’s a shampoo for dull dry damaged hair. You see I am experiment with my hair a lot, off late I did some low lights to my hair and it severely damaged my hair and No shampoo was helping me. I wasn’t expecting a miracle with this product but thought lets give it a try I have nothing to lose and this cleanser is just a WOW product for dull dry color damaged or heat styled damaged hair.

Product Description
Excellent for dry & dull hair, this pure hydrating cleanser with extracts of coconut milk deeply moisturises and leaves hair soft, manageable, full of life. Excellent for daily use.
For external use only. Against animal testing . Keep out of eyes.
Price – Rs 150 for 100ml

Packaging – I just hate the packaging. First of all the liquid inside is super thick and refuse to come out of the bottle which means I have to keep the bottle upside down and at times even bang it across the floor. Use my little finger to get the shampoo out. Yeah! Its that pathetic :/

My Experience
Aura Vedic Hydrating Hair cleanser was housed in a small bottle. The packaging was okayish and nothing great. Infact I hated the packaging, because the shampoo is extremely thick like a body lotion and it refused to come out. I wish Aura Vedic have used a bigger bottle or a bigger mouth of the bottle.  Coming to the hair cleanser, this is such an amazing product. I love the mild fragrance thou it doesn’t last after wash. It made my dry color damaged loose ends completely soft and smooth. For a better testing, I used the shampoo alone and skipped the conditioner and the result was the same. So now I know that this hydrating cleanser was doing the magic on my hair. It made my locks super soft and beautiful. I love touching my lower ends of my hair which I hating it sometime back due to color damage. It’s a wonderful product I am going to pick it again for sure.  I think it will even work on severely dry damaged hair. My complaint is that the quantity is too less for the price and the packaging. Overall I am buying this again for sure because its working great for me.  For all those who are on facebook can have a look at how my hair looks after using this.

Makes hair soft and manageable
Makes hair silky and shine
Works on color damaged and heat styled hair
Has a lovely mild fragrance
Life saver for dry hair
Packaging is a Pain
Quantity is less
Rating – 4/5
Recommendation – Highly Recommended! This is for you if you have dull dry damaged hair and needs soft smooth hair instantly.


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