Aroma Magic Almond Under Eye Cream Review

Aroma Magic Almond Under Eye Cream Review

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Hello Lovelies,
So you must be wondering why does an 18 something girl needs an under eye cream right? Well I wish I could say I needed it for prevention but no, sadly I already have a few fine lines thanks to all the tugging I did when I was new to eye makeup.
A word of advice to all those who are just starting their makeup journey pls pls pls be gentle to your eyes while trying to get those perfectly lined eyes. Use a q-tip to tug your eyes instead of your fingers & remove eye makeup with a makeup remover/baby oil very gently. Don’t’ make the same mistake I did. Remember prevention is better than cure.. Ah ok too much gyan so moving on..

Since I’ve had fine lines under my eyes for more than an year I’ve been on the lookout for an effective under eye cream/gel. Ive tried Khadi’s under eye gel, Garnier Tinted Under Eye Roll On, Himalaya Under Eye Cream & Fair & Lovely Under Eye Cream. I feel like a PRO when it comes to under eye products in the Drugstore brands now 😀
Finally my search ended with Aroma Magic’s Almond Under Eye Cream

Price:Rs 115 for 20 gms
Best before 2 yrs of manufacturing

Product Claims
Vitamins A & C give excellent tone nourishment, suppleness, minimize wrinkles & rings around the eyes

Directions to use
Gently pat the cream around the eyes with finger tips &wipe off with damp cotton after 20 mins.

It comes in a typical Aroma Magic packaging in a white tube & a pink screw on cap.The packaging is quite boring & I preferred their old transparent packaging to this. It comes in a tube so no hygienic issues with this as I had with Khadi’s under eye gel tub.

It is very creamy & because of this I surely wouldn’t recommend not wiping the product off after 20 mins. Only a pea sized quantity is required for both the eyes.

My Experience
Having tried so many under eye creams/gel without any real results I had given up on my search for a good eye cream. But Ive had a good experience with all AM products Ive used so far so I decided to give its under eye cream one last go & Im glad I did!!
I picked up the almond under eye cream instead of the gel since their under eye gel works on minimizing dark circles & prevention of fine lines so I opted for this which claimed to remove fine lines & wrinkles which was my major concern.

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I’ve been using this product for almost 2 months & there’s a vast improvement in my fine lines. The have’nt magically disappeared  but they arent as visible as they were 3 months earlier. My under eye area feels soft, smooth & bright.
I saw a real difference in the fine lines in the first 3 weeks. The results were fast but after a month or so of usage I feel there is not further prominent results.You’d think with regular use you’d get more prominent results but I havent. . After 3 weeks there was barely any noticeable difference,but im still hopeful & will be buying another tube once this finishes up.
My dark circles have also reduced but If ure looking for an under eye product specifically for dark circle then their under eye gel would be best suited for that purpose.
The quantity of the product is good & will easily last for more than 2 months with daily usage. It’s a total value for money.
What I don’t like about this product is that it cant be used as a regular eye cream & has to be removed after 20 mins, so I usually apply it at night.

1)Showed prominent results within 3 weeks
2)The only under eye cream that minimized my fine lines.
3)Only a pea sized quantity is required so one tube lasts for 2-3months
4)Easy on the pocket.

1)Cannot be used as a regular under eye cream and has to be removed after 20 mins.
2)After 3 weeks there wasn’t further prominent results.

Even though I didn’t experience further results after 3-4 weeks but ill still recommend it to everybody suffering from fine lines under their eyes as this is the only product that worked for me!!!

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