Are you carrying?! Help yourself to be happy.

By Chandrana

Now you might get startled by the topic of this post. What is this doing in a beauty blog? But the power of conceiving, carrying and delivering is also given to us beautiful ladies. So, I consider this is not an off-topic here when there are so many ladies gathered around.
In our society, there is a feel of embarrassment that automatically comes to a girl’s mind when she is finds the + ve urine test result. Why!!! Be proud. I have seen so many of my friends not willing to let anyone about the news until the bump actually comes out. There have been heights of thinking, to an extent of my friend asking me ‘is this too early!?’. It is time the thinking has to be changed.


Being pregnant just does not mean that you have to eat for two people, (you and your unborn within you)!!! There are loads of things to take care to keep you happy. Just pointing out a few which I made sure I got it right for me.

  • Firstly, eat in the right quantity. Of course eat healthy. There is a notion ‘Eat more, you are two now!’. This is ridiculous. No don’t eat more. Eat only to satisfy your hunger; and not for two.  So many aunties and grannies have bugged me saying serve her more, she will need more. I have made it clear by eating only how much was needed; and the rest had to be put to dustbin.
  • Flaunt your bump; don’t feel conscious. Believe me you look beautiful. I have come across ladies covering their bump with a shawl/duppatta making it look as though that is how they wear it. It delivers the idea that you are feeling awkward with the status you are in. Why!!! Feel free. Enjoy the attention your bump gets. Mark my word; you will be the happiest on the earth when you are easy on your baby bump and when glanced by curious eyes.
  • Some get the beautiful glow on the skin. Enjoy!!! You are really lucky. Take time to make yourself up. Some ladies get a bloated face. Some get some pigmentation, tanned skin. Don’t bother. Consider it all a miracle. Yet take make your mind to dress yourself up. Use all the colors you feel comfortable with.
  • Invest in pregnancy clothes. This is a must. I have received suggestions like, ‘why are you buying such particular ones? They will be of no use when baby comes out’. So what! Will I get the chance of being pregnant every now and then??  It is life time experience. And I don’t have plans of giving birth to a dozen. Don’t adjust yourself with your sister’s/cousin’s over sized ill fitting boring clothes. There are so many maternity choices. Well, don’t buy just 2 and keep shuffling the same for the entire 6 months. Buy many and please your self. 


  • Don’t forget to give yourself a massage. Dedicate the weekend for a relaxing body massage. Drag your partner into the massage session. That’s the perfect gift he can give you. It eases your body and it is a perfect moment spent together. (Gather information before you get into the body massaging at home)
  • And finally, be cranky and fussy even about the silliest thing around you. Your hubby will definitely bear with your mood swings (though you are making it swing yourself intentionally) until the baby is within you. Ha ha ha. This used to be an amazing feeling for me; because I know I am being cranky like a baby out of my own wish. Later on, the attention is switched towards the new born. So, this is your time to seek all the attention.
Any body carrying? Please feel proud to mention in the comments. I always relive my entire experience when I find a pregnant lady. 
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Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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  1. Demi Mist Reply

    I find it very interesting as I am pregnant at the moment! Maybe I should ask to be pampered more!P.S. Girls, I would like to invite you to a beauty contest on my blog!

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