How To Apply Blush the Correct Way

How To Apply Blush the Correct Way

Applying blush can be a tricky business and especially if you are a beginner, it can make you look like a clown if not applied correctly. I have seen people avoiding blushes completely in their makeup routine just because they are scared of going overboard or simply because it doesn’t show up on their skin! But I think blushes plays an integral part in bringing the entire look together if applied the correct way. Try these tips & tricks and it will ensure that you include blushes in your day-to-day makeup routine!

7 Tips & Tricks to Apply Blush the Correct Way (1)

7 Tips & Tricks to Apply Blush the Correct Way

7 Tips & Tricks to Apply Blush the Correct Way (2)

  1. Natural Flushed Look: A simple trick to get that natural everyday flush is, give your cheeks a quick pinch, and then match your blush to that shade.
  2. Blush for your face shape: Now, there are numerous face charts available online, teaching you how to apply blushes for various face shapes which in my opinion can be a bit overwhelming for starters. So, the trick is to smile to reveal the apples of your cheeks and then sweep the color in a C-shape along the cheekbone going upto the hairline.
  3. Use the right tools: For cream blushes, the best tool available is your fingers. Gently pat & blend the color on the apples of your cheeks. For powder blushes, use a medium-sized blush brush. Always ensure to tap off the excess the color before you apply the blush. Remember, it is always easy to layer and build up the intensity then to wipe off the excess.
  4. Choose blushes as per your skin type: If you a dry skin, opt for cream blushes as powders can give you flakey appearance. Similarly, for oily skin opt for powder blushes as creams can easily slide off your skin.
  5. Always apply blush on prepped skin: It is very important to apply some kind of base makeup to even out the skin before the application of blush. This ensures better results in terms of smooth application & increasing the staying power of blush. For everyday use, if you don’t opt for full coverage foundation, even a BB Cream or CC Cream or a tinted primer will do the trick.
  6. Use a highlighter: For more natural finish, use a light weight highlighter just above the cheekbones. This will not only highlight the area but will also help in diffusing any harsh lines of the blush and make it look like a natural glow.
  7. Gone overboard with the blush: If you feel you have gone overboard with the color on the cheeks, then simply use a clean powder puff to buff off the excess color.

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