Amway Artistry Massage Cream review

Amway Artistry Massage Cream review

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Product description: Enjoy all benefits of a facial massage, within the comfort of your own house with Artistry Creamy Massage. It is a luxurious way to rejuvenate your complexion while massaging away the stresses of the day. It contains natural Jojoba & Avocado oils that let your fingertips glide smoothly as you massage while its exclusive Hydro lipid Matrix leaves your skin smooth 7 super hydrated.

To Use: After Cleansing & toning the face, dispense a suitable amount from the tube & apply the cream all over your face After massaging for about 10 minutes, gently wipe the cream off using, tissue paper or rinse with cool or lukewarm water. For best results use 2-3 times a week.

Price: 1549 INR for 120 g

My views about the Artistry Creamy Massage:

I love it!!! This is my HG facial massage cream. I have been using this since a few years. I had used some other facial kits too in between which cost somewhere between 700-800 INR but as soon as I found this one again, I had to grab it back.
Although it is a costly cream yet the results which I get after a simple 10-15 minutes of massage from it is just great and then the price does not pinch me even a bit. Artistry line of products from Amway all are highly priced but believe me, they do work. I use the CTM, scrub and masque from the Away Artistry line, and I am more than satisfied after using these.

I use this cream once a month as I prefer doing my facials at home myself.  I take a coin sized amount of this cream on my hand and start massaging it on my moist face in upward motion and in circular motion around my eyes and mouth. Best part of using this crème is that you don’t need to apply water on your face/hands in between the massage as the cream is itself very buttery and does not dry out on the face at all. I just do the massage sitting and watching my favourite serial.
After 15 minutes, I just wash my face with normal/cold water depending on the weather and the result is soft, smooth and radiant skin. It never ever broke me out as the cream is dermatologically tested.  It leaves skin hydrated & moisturised. It improves skin’s clarity & revitalises its appearance.

Pros of the Amway Artistry Massage Cream:
·        Provides effective massage to the skin leaving it soft and radiant.
·        Does not clog pores.
·        Light in texture and massage well even without the need of water.
·        Has a nice and mild aroma.
·        Less quantity needed for a single massage so this bottle will last me easily for 6-7 months more. I have already been using it since last year.
·        Cleanses and relaxes the skin within minutes.
Cons of the Amway Artistry Massage Cream:
·        Price a bit steep.
·        Available only through Amway representatives.

Ratings: 4.7/5
Final Verdict: This is one awesome product from the brand Amway that you can easily use at home and thereby save a few hundreds every month of your parlour bill.

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  1. Malabika Mandal Reply

    Indeed the Artistry products are very effective. I use only Artistry products right from cleanser to anti-aging serum and believe me I have cut 5yrs of my age…:)

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