A New Beginning!

Hi Friends,

I am about to embark upon a new journey and venturing into the business of modern fashion jewellery and accessories. After months of planning and hard work, I present to you, “A’dore Fashion Accessories”! I truly appreciate all your support & love towards IBJ and would love & appreciate if you would extend the similar support to A’dore.

About A’dore: 
A’dore as a brand works to provide beautiful women across the country with jewellery and fashion 

accessories which are not only of premium quality but affordable at the same time. Initially, the products will 

be available for sale on our Facebook Page – A’dore Fashion Accessories. The following catergories are 

available to choose from in Facebook Albums:

1. Rings By A’dore

2. Necklaces By A’dore

3. Bracelets By A’dore

4. Earrings By A’dore

So, what are you waiting for, head over to A’dore Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Adore/343989749061625
Don’t forget to like A’dore Page on Facebook. Happy Shopping!

Who is Preetha

Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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  1. Neeraj Navare Reply

    Congrats Preetha…looks like a lovely collection. Will pass ur link to some fashion stylists as well coz they r on a hunt for beautiful and affordable jewelry all the time.

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